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Bora Celik
Manchester, UK

TL;DR: Subscribe and receive an email when good books go on flash sale so you can buy them before the price goes back up.

I keep a wish list of hundreds of Kindle books that I'd like to read. Books that are well reviewed, award winners, NYT features and other solid, popular, mostly new-ish books. I check this list every day several times a day and when a book goes on sale I buy it at a discount and build my library.

As a part of this new service, you can subscribe below to a paid plan and I'll also email the subscribers when a book goes on sale so you can build your own Kindle library affordably.

I will donate all of the earnings from this service to charities such as World Literacy Foundation and other similar book charities.

Most books, even the really popular ones usually go on sale sometimes for only 24 hours before going back to its original price. I only keep track of great books, none of the books included in Kindle Unlimited.

Here are the genres I keep track of:

  • Politics and History: Mostly American history, books related to race, disinformation, history of authoritarianism and current politics.
  • Science: Mostly space and climate science but also other popular new science books.
  • Business and Tech: Books related to startups, product building, future tech trends, AI etc.
  • Non-fiction: Any other type of non fiction like memoirs or travel related books, and sometimes self improvement like minimalism.
  • Science fiction: Mostly realistic science fiction based on actual theories, award winners like Hugo or Nebula awards, and not space opera type stuff.
  • Fiction: Any popular new fiction that gets talked about in NYT Books or Amazon Editor picks types, also the occasional horror if it's been reviewed well.

Subscribe to a plan below and keep an eye out for your first Library Builder email!

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