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Postpartum Educational Support

Jennifer Murdock
Boston, MA, USA

During my time volunteering for Baby Blues Connection, I watched women suffering from perinatal mood disorders. I could see a missing link. The birthing community. When issues would arise, new mothers didn’t know the extent of what was available as a resource while losing valuable bonding time.

I wanted to make a change. Since I was a photographer in PDX for many years, photographing maternity, birth, and newborns, I knew what phenomenal birthing professionals Portland has to offer. While interviewing these practitioners on video, I have learned so much about wellness and am so excited for you to be informed by these passionate professionals dedicated to postpartum health.

Our support comes in the form of easily digestible videos. With so much dense information, we want to start by breaking it down by subject. It is so easy to go back to certain videos regarding a certain topic. This will provide comfort by giving parents what they need to thrive. Our multi-cultural trusted practitioners are generous enough to share an array of tips and tricks to learn from, thus creating time to rest in the first forty days your way. I know you will fall in love with them as much as Portland has.

We Create Joy.

While the birthing parent is in recovery from childbirth, finding the best way to find the nutrition you need, lactation tips, sleep facts, and what the birth community is. This reliance on support is so important in combating isolation.

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