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Organic coconut soy artisan candles

Ela Onisto
Ontario, Canada

Wick’ed Candle is the creation of artisans dedicated to quality ingredients that do not harm the environment. We use organic coconut soy wax in our candles with a much cleaner, sustainable, and eco-friendly burn that doesn’t contribute to deforestation like other wax products. When over 90% of the soy grown is genetically modified, we focus on natural, pure organic coconut soy wax, a renewable, high yield crop. That means you support a sustainable product instead of one full of carcinogens.

 Organic coconut soy wax burns longer and cleaner than other waxes, giving you more burn for your purchase. It has a natural, stronger scent throw that allows essential oils and natural ingredients to blend perfectly into a non-GMO product.

 Besides all of the fantastic natural benefits, our organic coconut soy wax candles are beautifully made with a creamy white colour base that we use for all kinds of delicious aromas and colours combinations.

 At Wick’ed Candle & Co., we create stunning candles that make your home a warm and inviting space for you, your family, and all your guests. Experience the quality of our hand-poured products and shop our candles and accessories today!

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