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Nutritional Coaching

Raina Ratcheson
Seattle, WA, USA

WholeHearted Epicure offers virutal nutritional coaching focused on healthy eating and life changes first and weight loss second. As a certified coach and personal chef, not only do I have the expertise to help guide in you in new eatting behaviors and habits, but can help you learn how to cook too. I am familiar with a variety of medical concerns, restrictions, and speciliaty diets. As a nutrtional coach, I cannot diagnose you, and you will need a professional dietian to do this, however, if you have recieved diagnosis, I can work with your medical team to keep you on track. If you're simply looking to lose some weight and live a healthier lifestyle, no diagnosis needed, please just leave a message. If in the Seattle area, coaching may be bundled with meal prep services to help you on your journey. Coaching is done virutally and food services are through delivery.

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