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Westcoast Core Values

Zachary Cho
Zachary ChoPublished on December 02, 2021

We Strive for Sustainability.

There should be nothing fishy about knowing where your poké provider sources their tuna. We take sustainability and our food chain very seriously so we can help pave the way to a better future for our planet, one bowl at a time. By thoughtfully selecting who we purchase our ingredients from, taking the time to know our local suppliers, and choosing only compostable packaging for our products, we’re able to not just serve you the freshest fish, we serve the best interests of the planet. 

We Pride Ourselves on Innovation & Efficiency.

The word “efficiency” gets a bad rep. To us, efficiency means delivering intensely flavourful, culinary creations that are packed with nutrients (not to mention served in a ridiculously good-looking bowl) in a short amount of time with maximum service. Our customers are busy conquering the world and have limited time, the least we can do is get them a good lunch on a tight turnaround. Sounds too good to be true? Watch us bowl you over.

We Serve Top-Quality Food.

We are flavour-forward and our presentation is always on point. Like the Mona Lisa, our bowls are works of art, and we encourage our customers to eat with their eyes. Every ingredient is as delicious as it looks and our constantly evolving menu is made with our customer’s health and taste buds in mind. From sustainably-sourced fish, to custom-made in-house sauce that will blow your bowl out of the water, this isn’t “just okay” poké. 

We Care About Our Customers, A Lot.

We like to employ something we call the “Hikaru method” to every single customer interaction that graces our shops. The Hikaru Method, named after one of our all-star owners Hikaru Ogawa, means going the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied, celebrated, and hungry for more. Loyalty is a two-way street, and we keep our side of it pristine so our customers can find their way back to us with little trouble and large appetites. 

We Believe in Empowering People. 

We care about every person we interact with on our food chain, from the top to the bottom. From our trusted franchisee's, to our dedicated and diverse team members, we encourage every person who collaborates with us to “act like an owner” and embody our brand. A positive mindset and a reminder that “everything is figureoutable” is what brings us together as a cool, calm collective.  

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