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Body Confidence and the BEACH!

Wendy Eaton
Wendy EatonPublished on August 23, 2022

I think that many of us can relate to the feeling of being nervous about going to the beach or pool. Those nerves likely weren’t caused by the sandy beaches, calming waves, or cool water, but rather by our anxiety and insecurity about our bodies being on-display at those locations.

I want to preface this by saying that the beach is my favorite place in the entire world. If I could walk the beach to start and end every day, you’d find me as my happiest and most tranquil self. With that said, going to the beach in the heat of the summer and wearing shorts, bikinis, and tank tops filled me with anxiety. I would hide in an oversized coverup, or find swim attire that covered my body but also shrouded all my insecurities.

That tool in particular led to me wearing a swim romper for two summers, it was all black, flowy, and a huge pain, but it covered my thighs and stomach, so I felt safe in it. This is all to say that I am intimately aware of the fear and anxiety that grips your heart as you take off your coverup and bare your body to the world. That little extra beat in your heart and extra gulp of air needed to feel safe after the clothing has been removed, I know it well, I get it.

I also know that you deserve to comfortably and confidently show up at the beach or pool. You deserve to dip a toe in the ocean or dive in with the freedom of knowing that your body is perfect the way it is, and does not require any changes to enjoy these spaces.

 Diet culture often tells us that a certain type of body is a bikini body, and that that is the “right” body to show-up in. Here is a reminder that that is a billion dollar industry that is trying to trick you into believing that your body isn’t good enough. Your body is great the way it is, it is deserving of joy, happiness, and the beach as it is.

So, I encourage you to hit the beach or pool this summer with the affirmation that you deserve to be there, and that your body is allowed to take up space and enjoy your life. If feeling confident on the beach feels too impossible for you at this moment, send me a note, I want to help. But I also included some quick tips below.

Bathing suit confidence tips:

·      Use a positive mantra or affirmation

·      Find a suit you like and that fits you!

·      Look in the mirror, hype yourself up or take away the power from your insecure body parts.

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