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Kelly Williamson
Kelly WilliamsonPublished on June 17, 2021

Is this you?

Do you open up your social media channels and wonder what to post every day?

Staying visible and being omnipresent isn't an easy task for a solopreneur. In fact, many on their journey now have teams creating content for them so they aren't really solopreneurs anymore but, I digress!

Being visible on social media is one thing, being visible on a cross-section of channels on social media - all the time (omnipresent) is even harder!

That's where I come in.

I love creating content. Don't get me wrong - I can stare blankly at the screen too sometimes but I have crafted years of content that helps brands:

- engage their following

- create conversation

- raise awareness

- convert sales

So I've got tonnes in the bank. That's why I've come up with ways to get you all the content ideas you need to successfully run your social media like a boss!

Let's face it, being a boss means you have so much more than social media content to think about on a daily basis.

Get access to my content calendars to help take away the wasted time staring blankly at the screen or you can use me as your team to make that omnipresence look effortless!

Content ideas from £3 a month and pre written posts for £20 per month.

View plans here:

If you'd like to talk about content and how these plans can help you or you'd like something more specific - feel free to reach out to me by email -

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