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Confidence is Queen: The Art of Being Brave

Sunday, March 20 at 10:00 AM GMT

Vet Empowered Workshop March 2022

What are we going to cover in Confidence is Queen?

  • What confidence really is, and what it isn't.
  • We'll help you understand what’s holding you back from feeling more confident right now.
  • We'll teach you how to feel more confident.
  • We'll show you how you already are confident.
  • We'll take you to feel and discover your future vision.


It’s something that can feel ever elusive, especially when you see everyone else around you apparently moving through their working day and life with certainty and clarity. You want to feel more confident, but you don’t know how. You thought it’s something that would happen once you ‘achieved’ more - your first year graduated, your certificate, your amazing new partner, your new house…….

You’ve tried really hard to work out what the secret is.

What it is that makes everyone else so much more confident than you?

You’ve thought about it so many times, and yet you never get to an answer……..

So we want to share something with you……

What if it’s the way that you’re thinking about confidence that is blocking you from feeling it?

What if the thing that’s holding you back from feeling confident right now is actually something you can learn to work with?

What if there were simple tools you could start using, to shift how you feel on a physiological level, and get you into that confident vibe?

What if you were already confident, it’s just that you don’t know it yet?

How does that sound?

We know that you are fed up of feeling stuck. We know that you want to be able to step into that confident version of yourself, that you see in others. We know that you want to be able to do that in a way that feels authentic, without feeling like you’re comparing yourself to others. We know because we’ve been there too - and that’s why we want to help you to feel more confident NOW.

If you’re ready (and we know you are - because you’re vibing with us), then join us for ‘Confidence Is Queen : The Art of Being Brave’ - our BRAND NEW and EXCLUSIVE 2 hour workshop, taking place on Sunday 20th March 10am-12pm.

We would love to see you there.


Is this just for vets?

Absolutely not. This is for the whole team. Katie and Claire coach vets, vet nurses, receptionists, ANAs and practice managers. We are humans with veterinary job titles, in fact, this is for anyone.

Will this be recorded?

The session with be recorded and accessible for 30days post event.

Will I be asked to speak?

We won't ask you to unmute and speak, especially if you don't want to. We will be asking for interaction in the chat box, but there will be chance to add things anonymously too. We want you to be comfortable in this session.

When will I get the workbook?

This will be emailed out closer to the date, but will also be available to download on the day too. We will provide a print friendly copy, an editable version and a full version - save the trees where you can.

I've already completed Vet Empowered, will this still be relevant?

Abso-flippin-lutely. This exact process is what Claire and Katie perform themselves, and they wanted to share it with you.

What format will the workshop take?

Katie and Claire will deliver content, and give prompts and time for you to reflect on these yourself, with powerful questions, meditations and tasks. There will be interactive components via the chat box. You don't even have to switch on your cameras - come in your PJs if you want! There will even be some giveaways.

Will this workshop be accessible?

We have enabled auto-generated closed captions on Zoom as we believe that accessibility is important for this event. As a platform, we know the quality of this transcription is ever improving and is not perfect, but please know that we are trying our best.

What is Vet Empowered?

Vet Empowered is a personal growth organisation, dedicated to helping vet team members to reconnect with their authentic selves, raise self-awareness and live a life aligned with their core values. Founded by vets and certified coaches, Katie Ford and Claire Grigson, the signature 12-week group coaching programme was launched in December 2020. You can read more at:

I have questions not on this list!

Drop us a DM at @vetempowered on Insta, and we'll get right back to you.

Date & TimeSunday, March 20 at 10:00 AM GMT
Duration120 minutes
CapacityUnlimited attendees

Individual Session


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