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Magic in the Waiting

Christy Nichols
Christy NicholsPublished on July 21, 2022

This week I had much I planned to accomplish that went awry.

My outreach was to focus on waiting, and the benefits that most of us impatient people (my hand shoots straight up) don’t often consider.

But, irony of all ironies, I’ve come down with a summer cold this week. (Not Covid, although I did suffer PTSD for an hour thinking it had circled back, but no. Nothing so vicious this time.) But I have had to scoot most of my to-do’s to the side and wait for my health to kick back in.

My newly revived mid-week pep talks on YouTube I have to wait to film because really, who wants to be inspired by someone with a snotty-nose and scratchy voice? My projects, my friendships, my workouts — they all are fully being neglected while I loll about in a bed, sometimes sweaty, sometimes chilly, sometimes sneezy and wait it out.

I hate waiting. The other side of waiting is better known as anticipation. Excitement. The giddy joy of knowing that something good is coming! These are more positive perspectives of not having what we want right away.

But on a grander scope, rather than waiting out something unpleasant we are going through, let’s speak to the big dreams we are all moving towards for just a moment.

There are so many juicy positives here. Waiting for those dreams to actualize (manifest) takes grit and time. Focus and drive. Work and . . . .waiting.

I wish we all were witchy-woo-woo enough to snap our dreams into existence overnight, but thinking about this, maybe it’s better we don’t have that power (yet).

Maybe there is magic in the waiting.

In the time it takes between saying aloud what we want and receiving it in full. In the time it takes to be clear of our needs and sure of our desires. This is true when we consider our dream jobs, the love of our life, our dream home, our __________ (fill in the blank).

Good things take time. Sorry not sorry for the true cliché. But waiting is part of our transformation.

Maybe what is activated as we wait is inner strengthening. Deeper learning. Mindful growth. Maybe what we want in our hands so badly is something we are not yet ready for. Maybe we have to learn more about ourselves or learn more about the situation before we can fully and truly enjoy what is coming.

Maybe in the waiting, the passing of time noted before we can hold our dreams in our hands earns us more gratitude for it.

The gathering of energy, focus, drive, and purpose — all these attributes admired in a person who has achieved much are accumulated in the incubation stage of our dreams.

So my question for you this week is, what are you waiting for, and what are you learning in the wait?

Don’t get impatient and shout back, “Nothing. Waiting sucks. It’s the government/economy/my job/my kids holding me back”.

Okay. Maybe we can point fingers at things that cause the waiting. But that’s not what this post is about.

The post is about reminding ourselves, when we are waiting, to acknowledge what we are gaining from the wait. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers had it right. The waiting is the hardest part, but that doesn’t mean that waiting is not a valuable and crucial part of the forward motion we feel when chasing our dreams.

On that note, I am going back to bed to wait out this stupid cold, and reboot for the next week.

Hope you are well and have a healthy weekend.

P.S. Do you now have “The Waiting” playing in your head, and have gone full throttle and are playing Classic Rock hits to soundtrack your afternoon? You’re welcome. 🙂

~ Christy

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