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Doing Life Right: A Case For Coaching

Christy Nichols
Christy NicholsPublished on July 12, 2022

Dear everybody.

Life feels more EXPENSIVE than ever. Basic groceries have spiked, and the cost of gas for our cars is stupid. Everything feels overpriced. And we don’t seem to be getting any pay raises, price, or tax cuts anytime soon.

From here, the mental and emotional temperature of so many is feverish. Fingers are being pointed at our governments, at foreign wars, at each other.

This is no way to move forward.

It seems that most of us are tired, ready to stop feeling so unsettled all the time. The desire to feel connected with our own sense of self and purpose is strong. Most of us just want to be happy, a happiness that is defined in our own unique way.

So, between the rising need for personal well-being to become a non-negotiable attribute of our lives, and the rising cost of pretty much everything, I’ve decided to reduce the cost of my life coaching sessions. This way, those of us who are working and trying every damn day and could really use to have someone in our corner can get just that — someone in our corner.

A coach is that someone — someone providing personal support to shift us into a place where we feel without a doubt we are doing life right.

Reach out if the current state of affairs has left you feeling powerless and disoriented. I succumb to this feeling sometimes too and have my own legion of coaches and mentors I lean on to help me clear out the unnecessary worries that spin me out. Amid all the noise, my coaches help me focus on my own certain trajectory, which I hope is always forward.

Life Coaching may just be the thing you (or maybe someone you know) may need to help you feel stronger. Clearer. More aligned with who you are and the choices you make to balance all the moving parts of your world around you.

We can’t always fix the outer world, but we can learn to better position ourselves emotionally and mentally to overcome challenges that seem impossibly persistent.

Prioritizing our own wellbeing, our self-belief, our purpose — when we start here, then there’s no doubt will be able to navigate this crazy world just fine.

And with that, I wish you a happy Friday and a happy weekend. Nicaragua is about to get pummeled by stormy weather all weekend, so if you are in the sunshine, please soak some up for me.

~ Christy

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