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Lindsey Valentino
Bozeman, MT, USA

My name is Lindsey Valentino and I help clients across a wide range of fitness experience become their most athletic selves.

People often buy “off-the-shelf” fitness solutions and wind up unhappy with progress or lack thereof. All of my clients are assessed and trained using a program custom to them. Each person’s unique needs (imbalances, pain, posture, etc.) are accounted for and workouts are designed to address these. By progressing people appropriately, my clients have seen successes such as being able to lift 40+ pounds over the cart in home depot, significantly decreasing their mile times, and overall feeling strong for life and sport.

It's misleading to say I have just one coaching style (drill sergeant, cheerleader, etc.) and my clients would attest to my adaptability--the real-time "in-session" ability to adjust or change course to fit your needs. Creating workouts is one thing, but being the kind of trainer that will most enable to hit your goals is the loftiest task.

I've been a passionately active person my entire life and "training" friends and family since before I knew this would be my career. Now training in a professional capacity for 3 years, I am so lucky to have learned and experienced so much.

My hope for this page is that we will all continue to learn, grow, and best support each other in pursuit of health, sport, and our best possible lifestyles.

Education: NASM & NCSF CPT, Pregnant/Postpartum Specialist, Seniors Programming, Recovery, Core

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