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Alex Chambers
Manchester, UK

Here at Uncrowned Fitness we offer premium grade online personal training solutions at an affordable rate for all genders and ability levels.

Why chose me above anyone else? I'm a natural bodybuilder and I've been sculpting my physique for 10 years. Fortunately for you I've fell into all the lies and misinformation of the industry so you don't have to. I've wasted countless hours training aimlessly with no real plan or goal in place, I've spent stupid money on products that have little to no effect just because 1 study out of 100 said that it could help me burn fat and this was portrayed in a manner which made me feel as though it would work, I've tried and tested every diet plan and yep they potentially have benefits to them but are usually not sustainable and lastly I've found out that a larger population than you'd like to realise use anabolic steroids and lie about it. Training naturally is a completely different ballgame so don't follow Mr Olympias training split and diet video you found on YouTube.

Don't make the same mistakes I made, you can't get back time so spend it wisely. All I ask from you is obedience and consistency to the plan.

Uncrowned Fitness - Purposeful consistency with the right mindset is what makes you great.

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