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Ullis Karlsson

Ullis Karlsson

With more than 28 years of experience of various Holistic disciplines and Spiritual Guidance Ullis is one of the most experienced Yoga teacher in Sweden. She is an International Author, Yogatherapist and Soul Coach. Her vision is to guide people into their Hearts for a more loving and compassionate world for all.

Ullis journey and spiritual awakening started when she was depressed, burned out and suicidal. She writes about this in her autobiography "2:47am The Journey Home to My Heart". An inspiration to all who suffers from mental ilnesses (sold in 15+ countries).

Her latest book "Holy F*ck and Sacred Water - The Secret Connections to Everything" (sold in 20+ countries) is here to aid the global ascension process that is a part of the human evolution.

She offers Yogaclasses, private Yogic consultations, SoulReadings/Karma Clearings, Intuitive coaching/guidanance in the Akashic records. In all her work her intent is to increase consciousness and open Hearts. Individually and collectively.

As happiness is an inside job, Ullis motto is: Relax - Release - Receive. Relax your nervous system, so you can release what does not serve you anymore - so you can receive all you long for<3

For you who: are stressed/in pain, are imbalanced in body/mind/spirit, longs for a deeper connection to your body and soul, longs for more lust and sensuality

With a warm Heart, a passionate soul and a soft voice Ullis guides you back into your Heart - where everything you are searching for resides.


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