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Kimberly Cato
Oakville, ON, Canada

My name is Kimberly Cato and I am the Registered Psychotherapist who has been Founder & CEO of True Roots Counselling Services for more than 25 years. It is my passion, my heart’s delight, to come alongside people blindsided and overwhelmed by life-altering circumstances and empower them to Transform Their Trauma Into Triumph. We are SO very delighted that people make the difficult & courageous decision to reach out for help and we are honoured to be able to journey with them to wholeness.

Here at True Roots Counselling Services, we offer Individual, Couples, Family & Group Therapy and various Therapeutic Programs strategically designed through a trauma-informed lens. At True Roots Counselling Services, our therapeutic approach comes from a client-centered, non-judgmental, destigmatizing position of acceptance, inclusivity and diversity. We invite clients to engage in open discussion about their goals for therapy and plans for their life by collaboratively developing a treatment strategy that empowers their resilience.

We facilitate therapy sessions remotely through a telemedicine platform where people are invited to engage in therapy sessions from a safe & comfortable place of their own choosing. If you, or someone you know, is stuck and afraid that you've lost your way, please contact us and know that you do not have to journey alone. Together, we can explore and reclaim your True Roots.

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