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Gourmet Mushrooms

Tatrina White
Irmo, SC, USA

The Purple Mushroom is an indoor boutique urban mushroom farm - located in Columbia, SC. Pouring my passion into cultivating several varieties of fresh gourmet mushrooms is my daily goal. To satisfy all levels of mycophiles, I also provide grow kits, entry-level mushroom growing supplies, as well as blended mushroom products such as: honey, spices and teas, which my customers appreciate. Needing to improve my diet by limiting meat consumption research led me to oyster mushrooms. After searching my local market area for these elusive mushrooms, I noticed the selection of fresh gourmet mushrooms were minimal. So I decided to grow my own. After a short while I started growing for family and friends. Eventually, I started growing enough for small farmer's markets. Then the lightbulb came on - I found my passion! Filling this unique niche keeps me motivated each and every day.

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