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Summer Glow Up

Bianca Mircica
Bianca MircicaPublished on July 08, 2022

Happy Friday (maybe summer Friday) thrivers!

We hope you are enjoying some summer fun so far! We wanted to drop in to give you a few tips on how you can glow up, in all aspects, this summer. We will be featuring some really glow worthy products from @auraorganincs_ and @24carrot_oil in our thrive wellness boxes.

Skin + Hair care Aside from loving these face mask and glow up serum products, there are other ways to nourish your skin and hair. Hydration is always a key component to glow from the inside-out. Also, try switching to a lighter moisturizer, preferably one with an SPF for your face. Refer to our previous article for foods to help protect your skin from the inside-out, as well. Make sure you are using boar-bristle brushes to brush dry hair and a wide-tooth comb for wet. And we LOVE our microfiber towel to dry it, which helps with frizz and protecting your hair. Try our hair serum from @24carrot_oil to really help repair, rejuvenate and thicken your hair! Lastly, try minimally washing your hair, 2-3x per week, and use an organic dry shampoo and heat protector for styling in-between.

Eating Healthier This one is always so hard in the summer with all the parties, BBQs and get-togethers. But in-between events is where you can be really mindful with what you are eating, as well as not OVER-indulging at said events! Fresh salads, veggies and fruits go a long way. One of our favorite glow up smoothies is: spinach, frozen pineapple or mango, frozen banana, avocado, coconut water and chia seeds (add ingredients, blend and sip!) Not only is it refreshing and will leave you glowing, but it's nourishing and filling too! Other smoothie ideas include the same base with avocado, spinach, frozen banana, chia seeds and coconut water, but you can add in nut butters, berries, cacao, and dates, to make it a little more protein dense.

Mindful Moments Meditate, journal, read a book, organize + clean your home, take a bath, go for a walk to get your vitamin D and bronzed glow, take a yoga or fitness class, practice your breathing and set daily intentions. Slow down and practice creating mindful moments for yourself and with your loved ones. This is the REAL glow up! When you feed your mind, body + soul you can truly feel nourished and well-balanced. Maybe invest in some new workout gear or equipment to compliment your summer glow and help motivate you to continue feeling your BEST.

Just a little reminder for you because we want you to THRIVE this summer and glow from the inside out.

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