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Get in the Right Mindset to THRIVE!

Bianca Mircica
Bianca MircicaPublished on June 02, 2022

Welcome thrivers,

We put together 3 great practices to help you get in the right mindset for a successful wellness journey and to feel your best everyday - whether you are just starting out, need some encouragement to keep going, or slipped up and need a reset, (we all slip up from time to time- we’re human! ) we've got you.

Practice Mindfulness - Breathe and be Aware: Be present in any task, big or small, finding peace and connection while being compassionate towards yourself and others.  Breathwork is super important and helpful in centering yourself when you need to feel more grounded.  It helps you achieve being present more easily.  It allows you to slow down, check-in with yourself and regulate your nervous system. Start with “box breathing" anytime, and as needed- a slow inhale for 4 seconds, pause for 4, slow exhale for 4, pause for 4, repeat at least 4x. 

Be kind to yourself: Not only in the physical ways by not pressuring yourself to always be productive, social or in achieving your goals, but in the ways you speak to yourself too.  If you feel like skipping a workout, rest.  If you want a cheat snack or meal, enjoy it.  If you are simply too tired to complete a task, take a break.  If you are not in the mood to go to that party or work event, don’t make up an excuse- just politely decline.  Then more importantly, don’t justify why or let guilt take over. Our brains are so powerful and they really listen to the stories and negative self-talk we tell ourselves. This creates stress, which dysregulates your nervous and immune systems, which can lead to disease and illness. Instead, let it be. Honor yourself and commit to your choices.  Catch yourself and redirect a negative thought to turn it into a more positive one. It is OKAY and every new opportunity is a chance to make a new choice. Why beat yourself up over something temporary?  This mindset will allow you to build healthier, long-lasting habits, rather than dreading them.

Balance: Make time each day for everything important to YOU.  Eat nutritious foods and drink lots of water mainly, but indulge when you need to, to avoid binges later on from deprivation.  Get active everyday, but there is no need to overdo it- try 30-40mins of quality cardio or strength training and switch it up often. Work hard at your job but take breaks.  Spend time with loved ones, but value your alone time too.  Set reminders, grab a workout buddy, invest in a nutrition program, etc. to help you successfully shift your mindset and create new habits.  I know this is always much easier said than done but don’t be discouraged, start small. We will be diving in deeper with helpful tips and practices specific to each one of these, so stay tuned!

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