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The Wine Ship Education and Experiences

Montana Rae Neiley
Denver, CO, USA

Do you love wine? I’m here to help you master your palate and appreciation of wine wherever you are! I am a Certified Sommelier, designer, teacher, writer, chef, and experience creator. I created The Wine Ship as a platform for my love of hospitality and a place for wine lovers to learn, discover, and connect.

 If you are someone who loves wine but feels a bit lost when searching
for the perfect bottle, I’m here for you. My content is designed to suit a wide range of learning styles and experience levels. It’s my pleasure to bring you a fresh approach to understanding wine through interactive wine classes, live virtual tastings, winery spotlights, recipes, newsletters, and more.

 I’ve even designed a portfolio of exclusive discount codes from excellent wineries to bring you savings on great wines that can be delivered to your door. I have tasted and approved every wine I recommend and I’m here to personally help you find wines you’re sure to love.

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