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Sekou Kone
United States

Although the name of my business suggests martial arts in general and Taekwondo in particular, TheTaekguy is a multidisciplinary fitness/wellness enterprise with a focus on positive fitness strategies that bring about a happy and healthy lifestyle.

As a child, I had a difficult upbringing, which made me question everything about my existence. In the search for self-identity and belonging, I discover Martial Arts. At 14, I started training in Taekwondo in earnest. Fitness and exercise became my greatest passions in life. It taught me patience, empathy, endurance, a positive attitude, and self-control. I dealt with my childhood trauma and later life challenges by breaking a sweat and working out my body. Before I'm halfway through, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment, calmness, and JOY.

Teaching, of course, is also near and dear to my heart, which does the work that I do as a coach and trainer is a confluence of my great loves. I enjoy every moment that I spend passing on Taekwondo, boxing, and kickboxing techniques. When you train with THETAEKGUY, you know that you are getting a full-package, well-rounded program that includes workouts, techniques, healthy diet/eating habits, and mental conditioning.

I always tell my clients that we must take care of ourselves from the inside out, which is why we focus on positive encouragement; our body listens to our mind and heart.

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