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Chapter Fourteen

Alia Adel
Alia AdelPublished on October 18, 2022

Eight Bathroom Organizing Products I Can’t Live Without.

There is nothing more annoying than opening your bathroom cabinets and not being able to find anything you need, bathrooms tend to have such chaotic energy because there is so much stuff that ends up living in your cabinets. Below are products I can not live without when it comes to organizing any bathroom. If you even just get one or two of these things it will make a huge difference.

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One: Shallow Clear Bins:

I absolutely love using these amazon clear bins to contain all the chaos under the sink. They’re very handy and light and can hold a lot.

They’re great for holding your skin care products, feminine products, make up, any bathroom back stock ex: toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand soap.

lazy susan, container store, bathroom organization, organizing, home organizing, bathroom.

Two: Lazy Susan:

I know I know, you’re probably thinking why is alia telling me to use a lazy susan in the bathroom, well… because it’s such a great functioning product.

This is great for all your back stock shampoos, lotions, skincare. The best part is you don’t need to take the whole thing out to be able to find something, you just spin it and garb what you need. AND it has removable drawers so if you do need to only take one section out, you can!

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Three: Stackable Baskets:

These stackable baskets are fantastic for under the sink. They’re great for holding any soap, hair products, toilet paper back stock, toothbrushes.

haircare, hair products, bathroom organizing, container store, amazon, organizing, home organizing

Four: Hair Tool Station:

I love this style station pro from the container store. it can hang on your cabinet door or can stand on it’s on to the side. If you have more hair styling products no worries, I would get a cute basket and place them all in there.

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Five: Storage Clear Bins:

These bins serve the same purpose as the shallow clear bins, but because they’re a little bit deeper that can hold more bulky items in them. I would use this for bulky shampoo, aid kit and medicine, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and even your hair products.

makeup organizing, bathroom organization, make up organization, bathroom, home organiziation

Six: Make Up Organizer:

This make up organizer is great for everyday make up. Instead of digging into a big bag of all your make up, this allows you to see all your make up and it’s much prettier to look at.

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Seven: Nail Polish Organizer:

This is a great way to contain your nail polish and be able to see what you have.

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Eight: Make Up Brush Holder:

When I tell you I am obsessed with this thing I am not kidding. It holds SO man brushes, so do not be deceived by how small it make look, and it looks so cute just sitting in your cabinet.


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