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The Right Angle Strategic Storytelling

Lori Donofrio-Galley
Reading, PA, USA

For 23 years as a nonprofit executive, I have catalyzed a personal passion to leverage connections and cultivate resources, using innovative strategies, to raise the visibility of an organization.  The nuanced public relations strategies, tactics, and tools that I have employed to build nonprofit capacity can be applied to business to achieve parallel successes.  Before assuming leadership roles in the nonprofit sector, I gained professional experience as a writer, editor, researcher, and adjunct instructor.  In April 2021, I launched The Right Angle Strategic Storytelling, LLC, to provide strategic PR services to small and mid-sized service businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The mission of The Right Angle Strategic Storytelling is to make your business or nonprofit organization visible through strategic storytelling that elevates brand identity and reveals the human identity behind the brand to attract and engage business clientele or nonprofit supporters.

A typical PR client is a small or medium service-based business or nonprofit that needs to communicate its unique value proposition, advance its outreach and engagement efforts, build media relationships, discover storytelling angles, or position its owner to become the Face of the Business. Practicing PR strategies over time will build a digital footprint of earned media and drive connections, visibility, loyalty, and sales. Visit

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