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80% of trainers are struggling.

80-90% of trainers quit personal training within 2 years.

I am sharing my 10 years of experience from starting at the bottom, to creating a successful self-employed Personal Training business (twice), to a 7-figure investment for a high-end gym, so you can be part of the 10% that make it.

If you have felt stuck for a few weeks, months or years - read on.

If you are just starting in the health and fitness industry - read on.

The first step is to feel less stress and confusion by being pointed in the right direction! When stuck, or starting fresh, the issues are similar. Confusion on what to do which creates a bad form of stress. Learn to go from stressed to CALM, confusion to SOLUTION.

The second step is to increase your income! Most stress comes from struggling to pay bills. Depending on your goal and effort given, you can make an EXTRA ($£€)4,160 to ($£€)62,400 or more per year from actioning the proven lessons. For a fraction of the cost most 'mentors' charge.

The third step is to manage personal and business life! Each has an effect on the other. Your personal life (exercise, sleep, nutrition etc) carries into business, and vice versa. The same principles you teach your clients, you need to follow yourself ;)

The information is primarily focussed for 1-1 Personal Training however the solutions may help other health and fitness professionals (massage therapist, physio).

If you want a rewarding career then lets do this!

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