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The Kindled Flame

Chansley Turner
Lexington, KY, USA

My name is Chansley, and I became inspired to start a candle company while on maternity leave with my first son. I didn't want to go back to work, so I asked God to give me a business idea, and He gave me the vision for this brand. After starting and stopping a few times, I am happy to say that I'm still here, pressing toward what God has called me to. My motivation behind what I do is, of course, my children. I really want to show them that with God, nothing is impossible. I also hope to inspire other mamas who may be going through the struggle of finding their identity after having a baby. I hope to show them that it is possible to go after your dreams!

The Kindled Flame is a Kingdom-focused brand with a mission to inspire our customers to let their light shine and bring hope to a fallen world using the word of God. We specialize in wax melts and candles, with each fragrance based on scripture. I hope that whoever purchases our products will be inspired by whichever scripture their candle or wax melt may have and that it will be just what they need for the season they are in.

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