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When You’re Worried About Tomorrow

Rachel Miller
Rachel MillerPublished on September 06, 2022

When you’re worried that you don’t have enough to get by or when you fear that you’ll run out of money, energy, or time, it’s scary. It’s unsettling. When you have real concerns and challenges before you, how do you manage the worries on your mind?


  • Whatever worst case scenario you are picturing in your mind isn’t real. It’s fabricated by your fears. Worries are just some imaginary situation in the future. They don’t actually exist. It never happened yet.

  • Now–and everything confined to this moment–is all that exists. It’s the only thing that you can control. And it’s all you need! Focus on what you 


    do–right now.

  • Make a plan. Plan for the unexpected. Acknowledge the challenge before you and know that you will be blind-struck from time to time, but you will get by. You always do. You’ll figure it out along the way, just as you always have.

  • Each time worry enters your mind, refer back to your plan. Focus your all energy and attention to what you can do this moment and tomorrow will take care of itself.

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