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Taste Ts Catering and Events

Tamia Berry
Revere, MA, USA

Hello! I am originally from Boston, Ma. I am trying to fulfill my destiny of spreading love and grace through food to my community. I graduated from Culinary School in 2018, where I learned the importance of presentation and sanitation in the kitchen. My main principle in cooking is to provide a clean and safe environment to create great food, as well as present the recipe in a way that expresses the love we put into every item on the menu. I am building this catering business in honor of my Father, Chef Tony Berry, who inspired me to get into the culinary field many years ago. My Cape Verdean heritage, as well as the Disney movie The Princess and the frog, greatly inspired me to chase my dream of being a Chef. I would love to cook for you and your loved ones.

My business is Taste T's Catering and events. As I just have started, a lot of my customers are coming from social media advertising such as social media as well as word of mouth and personal promotion. I am a local black business that is trying to serve my community but also reaches a wider demographic of people as my business expands.

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