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Let's talk about Segmentation

Stevie  Freelancer
Stevie Freelancer Published on July 06, 2021

Last week I received an email and it really wound me up, it shouldn’t have but it did. Let me explain why…

The email was from a recruitment company that I had obviously signed up with around seven years ago. The email was all wrong, they had my job role wrong, my location wrong and they were trying to get me to apply for a role 300 miles away. It actually completely put me off a reputable recruitment company. This all comes down to bad segmentation.

What is Segmentation?

To put it simply, in marketing, segmentation is the process of dividing customers, prospects or leads into groups based on different criteria. They should be grouped by shared characteristics.

3 tips to segment well

(1) Record data on a dedicated platform (CRM - Customer Relationship Manager)

(2) Personalise communications based on groups - so if you record location only send emails

(3) Start simply, then expand - Start by collecting simple demographics and then move on to grouping by psychographics (behaviours, wants & needs)

Want a more detailed analysis of your database and recommendations on how to segment? Sign up for my Small Business Essential plan.

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