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I'm offering you a first step...

Sara Stepa
Sara StepaPublished on January 26, 2023


Today I'm dropping in to remind you how dang MAGICAL you are!

Did you forget? Has January been hard?

I know for many it's one of the toughest months of the year. For Sara January marks a new beginning and her birthday so she doesn't usually feel the slump others do. Which is great because that means she can walk alongside you when things might feel dark or heavy and help lead the way.

What helps me (Sara) move forward and get out of the dumps is having something to move towards or look forward to. This can be goal specific, internally focused, or just a fun day out with people I freakin' love.

When we're feeling stuck or in a slump we need to do something to get out of it and it's usually that first step that's the hardest.

Today I'm here to offer you a first step. I invite you to learn to listen to your own guidance system that’s been shushed for too long.

INNER COMPASS is a LIVE 28-day program that is JUST around the corner, starting February 1st. This is a chance to shift the momentum of the year and moves towards something more.

In INNER COMPASS I promise to help you:

·       Find the courage to take that first step (signing up would actually be a HUGE first step) 

·       Overcome fears that leave you in indecision

·       Gain confidence to choose more

·       Feel empowered to lead your own life and,

·       Become a happier and more fulfilled version of you

Join Sara in INNER COMPASS by taking that first step for you. Only $97.

You can get first dibs here.

With love,


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