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End your Year on Your Terms

Sara Stepa
Sara StepaPublished on October 14, 2022

Hello you beautiful human,

I wanted to drop in to remind you just how darn special you are and to invite you to join the Journey Seeker Accountability Challenge!!

Same year. New ending.

We all plan our New Years resolutions in the new year. We say we’re going to break this habit, or start this thing, save more money, be healthier or or or… but we rarely stick to it. It’s cold. It’s winter. And all the festivities just ended and THEN you’re supposed to be motivated to be the best you?


But what if you started now?


What if you started making mini changes before the year wraps up?

What if you could stay on track during the holiday season?

What if you didn’t wait for the calendar to flip before you started working on some thangs?


The momentum heading into 2023 would be bad ass! Don’t you think?!

The Journey Seeker Accountability Challenge is a spin off of Rachel Hollis’ Last 90 Days challenge, but we’re doing it our way. Sara loves doing this to end her year STRONGER and help start the new year MOTIVATED and on an inspiring note.

 Join the JOURNEY SEEKERS in this FREE year end Accountability Challenge and commit to your journey of a happier, more joyful and more fulfilled you 💗 before 2023 arrives!

 Join our Facebook Group Here!

With love,

Amanda and Sara

P.S. Following Sara and Amanda on Instagram for daily inspiration and encouragement. You can find Sara @TheOnlySaraStepa and Amanda @AmandaJoyGill

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