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Spirit Kelowna Wellness

Bonita Summers
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Born into a family of psychics, I began honing my skills at a young age and was already conducting sessions with clients at the age of 18. I'm still highly motivated at 59 to continue my practice for the rest of my life because it gives me so much joy to see clients fall back in love with themselves, their lives, and their career callings. I get to support them achieve their potential, which is tremendously gratifying work, and my spiritual path.

I hold a unique position as a psychic life and business coach. I help my clients quickly get to the core patterns that inform the beliefs, decisions, and actions that affect their personal and professional lives. Most clients find that they accomplish in record time what would take months or years of traditional counselling or coaching because I am able to access the subconscious patterns, clearly explain how the effect they are having and provide tools to transform and awaken their core patterns, leading to more satisfying and effective lives and careers.

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