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If only I Knew from the Start...

Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia KieliszkiewiczPublished on February 02, 2022


Round and Round we go. Up and down the Wheel of Life, exploring all seasons in and outside of us. We go full circle only to realize we end up in the same place; Justice.

Scales balanced and we learn the lesson that was brought up by our soul. How many times do our spirits have to revisit these old stories we tell ourselves before we actually start to trust our own true value? Rhetorically speaking...

Surrendering, I sit down. Recognizing, I attract what I am and in this moment, I am abundant, worthy and valuable. I dont need to chase or convince others of what I already know to be true within. Those that are meant to come across my path will do so, effortlessly. Whether that be Love, Work, Clients, Career, Friends, or family related.

This my friends, is Karma. The circle of life, as well as the cyles of our own pain and suffering. Until we can realize that we have the power to break free through these paradigms, we only continue to circulate the same story, different form.

I invite you to sit down and surrender. Surrender the pain, the suffering the continuous fighting to prove your worth and value to outside sources that cannot even begin to understand who you are. You my dear soul, are truly unique, authentic, and there is no one like you. You are a valuable golden light, meant to shine as bright as can be. And I promise you, those that shine that same light will see you. Allignment will be realized.

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