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So Bored It Hurts

Late Diagnosis Mom and Tween Navigating ADHD Together
Nova Scotia, Canada

When Bear was 10 years old they experienced a mental health crisis that shook our whole family. "I'm so bored it hurts and I just want to poof out of existence" were difficult words for Mom to hear. With lots of help and support from medical professionals Bear (at 11 years old) and Mom (at 38 years old) were diagnosed with ADHD and all the complicated feelings and quirks Mom has considered personality traits her entire life finally made sense.

Mom had a difficult time processing this new reality at first and immersed herself in learning about ADHD, especially in women with diagnoses later in life. Decades of guilt and confusion fell away as she realized she wasn’t so unique after all! So many other successful adults shared her frustrations, her fears, and her lust for novelty. The more she learned about ADHD, the more she realized her current success as a successful business owner hinged on her ADHD superpowers.

Without an understanding of ADHD, Mom and Dad had been trying Bear's whole life to parent out the undesirable traits that often accompany it. Now that we know better, we work with Bear to try and direct their wealth of creativity, drive, and passion. It's an ongoing process balancing Bear's needs as a tween, their ADHD quirks, and their unique needs as an individual. Thriving with ADHD means finding systems and tricks that work for you and we would love to share what we've learned. It's not always pretty but we're learning to love our brains together.

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