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Dashia Andrews
Georgia, USA

Dashia Andrews, Ph.D. is an experienced educator, researcher, program developer, and non-profit executive with over 17 years of demonstrated history of working in the education industry and serving our most at-promise families.

Dr. Andrews is an author of over 4 books and the latest is "Please Don't Say It: The Truth About Affirmations, 8 Steps to make them work for you and Boost your Self-Esteem.

She's the CEO of She’s on Purpose and a certified Life, Purpose, and Business Coach who has coached over 600 people over the last 7 years.

She’s On Purpose is dedicated to helping women discover who they are, whose they are, and how to turn their purpose into prosperity. Many of her clients have gone on to use their purpose to build 5 and 6-figure businesses and live happier and healthier lives.

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