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Copywriting and Content Marketing

Shauna Van Mourik
Cambridge, ON, Canada

Service-based entrepreneurs come to Shauna Leigh Artistry for increased brand visibility, to stand out as an authority in their field, to increase conversion and save time when marketing their business.

You will receive help connecting deeply with your audience, writing powerful sales copy that converts, and simplifying your content marketing strategy to allow more lead flow and increased ROI.

This support allows you to ditch the overwhelm and achieve exponential growth in your business, all while creating a sense of ease surrounding your organic content marketing. You will receive a highly customized experience that caters to your authentic approach so that everything created is aimed at your long-term growth and big vision.

Having a background in psychology, rhetoric (simply, the art of persuasion), and professional writing, Shauna is able to dig deep into your brand messaging and speak straight to your client personas to create true and meaningful connections that not only convert but feel good too. 

No cookie-cutter copy here!

Leading with authenticity and simplicity, everything is customized to your unique personal brand and aligned with the organic content marketing strategy that is tailor-made for you and your business.

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