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Sharpening Studios

Iyonna Jones
Milwaukee, WI, USA

As the owner and founder, and creator of these entities, my dream is to fund a resource center that becomes a staple for growth and togetherness in our black community here in Milwaukee, WI. As a triple minority and statistic, I'm not supposed to be where I am or close to where I'm going, but I believe that not only will I achieve these things, but it will make a positive impact on the pride of not just the city but our people in our community.

Sharpening Studios is the LLC of the nonprofit The Friend Sharpener. We believe iron sharpens iron, so a friend should sharpen a friend, and through self-care, we find that we can be at our best. Our customers are doers and move makers. They know the importance of self-care and know the power of helping themselves to help others. They are givers with boundaries and genuine philanthropists. They are leaders!

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