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My journey to nutrition...

Sarah Jackson
Sarah JacksonPublished on August 02, 2021

Hi all and welcome to my Subkit subscription!

From my Instagram story the other day there are a few new faces so I thought I would reintroduce myself to you all and tell you about my nutrition story.

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Well, where do I start? I have now been a Registered Nutritionist for 10 years, which sounds crazy to me, where does the time go?! Food and nutrition is a huge passion of mine, I really hope this shines through in my work and I know I am lucky to have found such a great career.

Ten years ago... 21 year old me. Graduating as an Associate Nutritionist from Leeds Beckett University in BSc (hons) Public Health Nutrition.

Since this day, I have worked in quite a few sectors of nutrition, from a nutrition grad in the NHS for Sure Start to food manufacturing at HJ Heinz as a Nutrition and Legislation Manager. I now work in the Out of Home industry as a Company Nutritionist for the biggest pub and restaurant company in the UK, I also have my own private clinic for 121 consultations.

In clinic I specialise in weight management and sports nutrition. Three years ago I went back to Leeds Beckett to study a Post Grad in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and I must admit, as complex as this side of nutrition is, I love it and it make me watch sport completely different nowadays. Helping people achieve their full potential through the power of food is amazing to see and something I will never tire of.

Nutrition affects each and every single one of us, you cannot escape it. Whether it is government policies in the press or the latest diet on Instagram, we all need to have optimal nutrition to be the healthiest version of ourselves. I like to approach nutrition from a positive aspect, so rather than focusing on what we 'should not' be eating, we focus on what nutrients to add into our diet to help us live a long, healthier life.

I work with clients on this weekly and I will be sending inspiration out to you guys through this platform, from recipes to top tips for you to kick start your nutrition.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next email which will include an insight to my yoga journey.

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