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Sabrina Espinal
New York, NY, USA

Hi, I'm Sabrina from Sabrina&Company Social Marketing. My company exists to help small businesses and successful single entrepreneurs with their online presence. This is done by creating and posting their social media content, engaging with their followers, and building community. People don't have time to do all that is needed for their social media, but we do!

I came from a corporate background in tech and human resources. I had an amazing career, but over time I knew I wanted to move into something more creative, like Marketing. When social media launched for businesses, I was ready to make that move, but no one wanted to give a Human Resources Director a chance. So, in 2009, I took my career into my own hands and decided to start my own business doing this new thing called "social media." I started with small local restaurants where I dined. And now, over ten years later, I'm still madly in love with social media, my business, creative content, and community building. I even run a small Facebook group to share the latest about social media and enjoying personal self-care.

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