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Can you meet this dare?

Ryn Gargulinski
Ryn GargulinskiPublished on September 09, 2022

Here’s a dare for you. I dare you to go about your daily activities as usual – without a single negative thought.  

Let me guess. Your first thought after reading the dare was something like: “There’s no way in heck I can do that!” 

Right off the bat, you’re putting a negative kabash on the whole deal. For extra credit, you may have even snickered at the very idea of the dare, as if anyone, anywhere could accomplish such a feat.  

Here’s the thing. You are definitely not alone in your negative thinking. We all default to it. Call it a human habit. We're hardwired to look for danger and distrubances. And it’s making us a miserable bunch.

But we don't have to stay miserable. We can alter the wiring and switch from a low-vibrational negative existance to a high-vibrational happy one. That's what the Rynski brand of spiritual living is all about.

What Does Low-Vibrational and High-Vibrational Mean?

Everything is made up of energy. That energy vibrates at different frequencies. When we're angry, worried, depressed or addicted to eating 55 Medjool dates in a single sitting, we vibrate at the bottom of the scale and feel like hell.

When we're content, optimistic, grateful or romping naked through a field of daisies (with proper footwear), we vibrate at the top of the scale and enjoy a blissful, heavenly vibe.

Living in the High-Vibe Zone

The goal of my spiritual classes, coaching and healing is to share tips, lifestyle changes and techniques you can use anytime you choose to help you live as close to a state of perpetual bliss as possible.

The truth is, we all can do it. I'm walking proof. I was once trapped at the lowest rung of the vibrational scale (19) with my years-long active addiction to alcohol. I haven't had a drink since 1999 and, thanks to my new way of life, I manage to hit an average vibrational range between 1 and 7.

Things are pretty dang good!

Even if I don't get full-on bliss every single day, I know I'm working my way toward it. We're either moving up or moving down. There's no such thing as standing still.

Sure, it takes work to overcome our default into the negative, and then move on to eliminate all other baggage that is weighing us down. But the rewards are worth it:

--Easier days

--Sound-sleeping nights

--Happier relationships

--Amazing manifestations

--Ongoing success

--A sense of security and inner peace

--Love for yourself and your overall life

Want to Give High-Vibe Living a Try?

You can start your journey toward high-vibe living as quickly or slowly as you wish – as long as you start moving forward. My monthly classes are a great place to start.

Every month, you get a short video lesson, any applicable worksheet downloads, and an audio recording of a guided Reiki meditation to reinforce that month's high-vibe habit. It's all pre-recorded so you can access it anytime, anywhere for as long as you have a subscription.

Keep weaving the habits into your daily life, and you'll be heading in the right direction for a high-vibe, fulfilling life. And if you feel like you're not, you can always cancel at any time. Misery is patient. It'll be there waiting if you want to turn back.

But if you're like me and others I've helped, the only direction your soul will want to go is onward and upward some more.

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