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Rose Yuen
Chicago, IL, USA

The Creative Process

Sensibilities crossing paths... it is only simple magic.

Magic that warrants subtleties... a graceful touch, a slight sound or a gentle addition, small things that are actually big. Details do matter. So are things we can't see. My job is to capture this in a still image. A job I am more than happy to do; because it is like walking; being behind a camera is only natural to me... natural like women having babies, being complex creatures and many entities all at once. The process is simple, and yet it is not... which one is it? It is both.

Photos are important because it marks time, the time we cannot get back. There is a point we deem a moment of connection, whether with ourselves or others. With this connection develops all in one, a capture within a still... hovering in that place in time, giving it meaning. There is still movement in a still image; is that possible? Anything is.

Rose Boutique is a full-service photography studio. We work on location and in our studio located on the north side of Chicago. This business was inspired to support women and their branding. We have the capability to handle any size shoot for your business and personal needs. Please say Hello!

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