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Roger Davies
Manchester, UK

Nutrition and movement for healthier, happier humans!

Hi, and welcome to my Subkit profile, I'm Roger Davies, I'm a qualified Personal Trainer (7 years) and Nutritional Therapist (6 years), currently studying pathophysiology and lifestyle medicine.

I spent the first 25 or so years on this planet doing EVERYTHING wrong - I ate crap, sat on my ass, neglected my sleep, worked boring desk jobs that I hated and that destroyed my body... I then progressed to smoking, drinking and then recreational drugs.

The aches, pains, poor health, weakness, dissatisfaction, low energy levels and unstable mood were enough of a catalyst for me to throw myself into learning what makes for a healthy happy life and start to implement these habits in my own life.

Those around me saw the changes in my physical appearance, noticed the changes in my energy, strength and my new found passion for health and wellbeing and started to ask for help and guidance in creating a healthier future for themselves.

So, now, after working with hundred of cliclients, locally, I'm using Subkit to help more people on a globa scale. To help busy people just like YOU stop the yo-yoing, shed weakness, aches, and pounds and develop habits that WORK for you to create your healthiest happiest future.


Using behaviour change coaching! This is the new, more effective way, of creating a lifestyle that works for YOU and YOUR goals.

But don't I just need a diet plan and workout program?

Diet plans and Zoom workouts rarely work. Most people know what they need to do, but they don't do it.

Why is this?

In the developed world we live in what has been termed an "obesogenic environment" - basically, our environment is making us fatter and sicker, and unless we take control of our habits and our environment the outlook for our future health is pretty bleak.

So I'm doomed?

Nope. The great news is, many risk factors for diseases, your aches and pains, and much more, are modifiable. That means your quality of life, your health and your happiness are largely within your control, you just need to build the habits and skills required. Although sometimes our habits may seem too easy, to simple, or even irrelevant, they WORK! Just trust the process!

So, what are you waiting for?

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