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Robert Solomon
Napa, CA, USA

In a world known for mega-conglomerates and deep specialization, Solomon Strategic is an anomaly. For starters, it is anything but a mega-conglomerate; instead, you might think of it as a micro-conglomerate, given the solo practice is run by me, Robert Solomon, its founder, who, with the assistance of my COO/CFO/CTO/wife, Roberta, pretty much run the place on our own. And rather than claiming one area of expertise, I actually am what you would call a true generalist.

Trained as a direct marketer who embraced digital early on, I’m known for my expertise as a brand strategist and new business developer. I’m also an accomplished writer, a published author, and an expert speaker and workshop leader who is also certified as an organizational and executive coach, particularly skilled in job search.

As varied as these disciplines are, they share a single objective: they are about changing the behavior of a company, a client, an employer, or a consumer.

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