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Communication Coach

Ric Phillips
Toronto, ON, Canada

*Ranked #13 Communication Professional in the World by Global Gurus2022!

Poor communication skills will hold back any individual or team from the success they could have.  Proactive people read books and attend courses to improve their public speaking, language, and leadership skills.  This often helps in one area of communication, but not in another vital one.  Ideally, we need a holistic approach to cover all key elements of effective human communication.

Ric Phillips is an Executive Communication Coach and Corporate Trainer who helps business leaders and teams communicate with simplicity, clarity and confidence, using his “3 Vs of Communication” system, to synchronize the verbal, vocal and visual communications and send the right ‘vibe’, every time. 

Ric studied sociology & psychology at university and holds additional certifications in TESL (teaching English as a second language), body language analysis, coaching and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). He is currently pursuing his MBA. 

Typical clients are in the fields of IT, finance/banking, engineering, real estate, law, medicine/health science, government etc. and are managers, supervisors, directors, presidents, politicians and entrepreneurs. 

Ric is an author, frequent media analyst, conference and TEDx speaker, University instructor, trainer of international entrepreneurs, and also certifies new Communication Coaches.

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