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Brendan DeForge
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Hi, I'm Brendan, owner of Return to Performance. I started this company with the vision of truly elevating the standard of Physical Therapy, especially for those with ACL injuries and ACL Rehabilitation as a whole.

​My immense passion for this field started even before I finished my Physical Therapy degree and became even more apparent once I began working as a Sports Physical therapist in 2018. I was drawn to ACL Rehab more than anything else in the field, primarily because of the massive impact it can have on that individual's life and the impact it has on people close to me.

The devastation of the initial injury, the sense of loss of identity as an athlete, the often long and arduous journey to return to sport, I'm here for all of it. I'm here to help you regain and even elevate your strength and your confidence and help you return to sport an even better athlete than you were before.

Since I began my career, I've worked with professional, semi-professional, college, and high school athletes in a wide range of sports, from basketball to volleyball, to football, to soccer, to powerlifting, and more. ​Let me help you Return to Performance.

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