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Are you Ready for your Retirement?

Jennifer Rovet
Jennifer RovetPublished on June 02, 2022

Exciting things are happening at Retire Ready Canada!

I am now offering a 1:1 monthly subscription plan. This includes two coaching sessions with me each month. A workbook is included and is ideal for anyone starting to think about and plan for their retirement.

If you're not ready for some coaching just yet, that's okay. I am also offering a monthly newsletter which will include great retirement content, retirement reflections and advice from amazing retirees, and a Q&A video featuring me! I have a waitlist right now for the newsletter so be sure to join and I'll let you know of more details in the coming weeks.

Click this link to get started on our journey and get Retire Ready!

And don't worry, you can cancel at anytime if you feel this is not right for you.

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