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Renegade Baker

Diana Acevedo
Manvel, TX, USA

Gluten-Free Home-Baker sharing recipes, tips and stories in Houston, TX.

Renegade Baker began when I got creative trying to raise money to pay off a parking ticket. I went out late one night in Houston and sold my fresh baked cookies to folks at the bars and in the streets. I was blown away by the amazing response.

I continued to go and sell night after night, creating a following. One night, a customer said to me, “You’re like some kind of Renegade Baker out here!” The name instantly stuck. After I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2015, I made many changes to my diet and began to focus on gluten free and lower sugar foods to align with a healthier lifestyle.

Now everything I make and sell is gluten free, refined sugar free and made with the highest quality ingredients. I love experimenting with new and different combinations to create the most delicious desserts for those with dietary restrictions as well as anyone who loves sweets!

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