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Red Hen Artisanale

Lauren Hambleton
Priceville, ON N0C 1K0, Canada

Lauren is a Culinary graduate of Humber College. Upon graduation, she spent the next 3 years living in and travelling through much of Western Europe, gaining work experience to enrich her career. She worked for different lengths of time in Amsterdam, Rome, and various cities throughout the UK. In May of 2013, Lauren enrolled herself in a bread program at the San Francisco Baking Institute. This is where her love of bread really began to develop.

From 2014-2017, Lauren held the position of Pastry Chef for Peller Estates Winery – the most visited winery in all of North America. She developed a bread and pastry program designed around crafting every detail in house,  and sourcing ingredients locally as often as possible. This included baking fresh sourdough bread daily for the restaurant and special events on the property. She received the "Top 30 Under 30" award from the Ontario Hostelry Institute for her work. Lauren currently teaches Baking + Pastry at Humber College. 

Red Hen Artisanale is all about connecting with people by sharing her love for all things sourdough and passion for teaching. It is a series of workshops and food experiences focused on sourdough + sourdough based products, and going back to our natural roots by fermenting the foods we fuel our systems with.

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