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Creating More Harmony Between Work and Play

Ryan C. Warner
Ryan C. WarnerPublished on September 27, 2022


Do you struggle to keep clear boundaries between work and play? Do you often take work home with you? Do you work from home, but can’t help but do a few dishes during your lunch break?

If any of these scenarios hit a little too close to home (pun intended), we understand. Keeping a healthy work-life balance (or better, work-life harmony) is one of the most important, but difficult elements of life to achieve. 

Fortunately, there’s good news! With just a little bit of effort, you can obtain more harmony in your life and make a real difference inside and outside of work. If you’re looking for more information on how, we have a helpful resource for you to better harmonize and balance your time between work and play. 

And in the name of health and wellness, we also want to promote an upcoming event led by Dr. Ryan C. Warner, our founder and CEO. If you happen to be a mental health professional and need additional CE credits, check out Dr. Warner’s presentation on Unmasking Microaggressions in a Clinical Setting here. 

Whether you’re new to RC Warner Consulting or have been friends with us for a while, there will be something in each week’s newsletter to help you build a solid foundation for sustainable change in your life through leadership, diversity, and wellness.

Stick around for more next week!

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