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Rachel Anzalone

Have You Ever Had an Expansion Hangover?

Rachel Anzalone
Rachel AnzalonePublished on July 20, 2022

Megan Hale is a former psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, and Podcast Host of The Enoughness Revolution and Wild & Holy Radio, sharing practical tools that speak to the soul to create more faith and freedom to live your truth and stand for love.

She’s the founder of Wild & Holy Weekend, an intimate bi-annual retreat for women who are ready to be their fullest expression. She blogs on everything between marriage, motherhood, spirituality, courage, creativity, and creating a fulfilling life instead of just a full one.


Check out the episode below, where we dig into how and why we get them + the 3 types of expansion and why the highest level can feel, well… kinda blah.

You can find Megan online at

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