Dion Mattison has invited you to launch your business on Subkit.
Turn your craft into recurring revenue.
Our platform and team of experts will help you launch and grow your subscription business.
Imagine that your email list, contacts, and followers are paying subscribers.
Our step-by-step playbooks will help you get to know your potential subscribers, figure out exactly what they want (and what they’re willing to pay for it), and build a “must have” subscription plan they’ll never cancel.
It’s not just another tool — it’s the all-in-one tool.
Schedule in-person or virtual sessions with groups or 1-1, paid or free
Create subscription plans with flexible billing cycles, itemized features, and free trials
Set up two-sided referral programs for viral growth
Conduct surveys to iterate on your service and price better
Offer subscriber-only photos, videos, posts, and sessions
View your business health metrics in charts and learn how to improve
“I write about the philosophy of surfing. Subkit has helped me turn my email list into paying subscribers.”
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?
Subkit is completely free until you make $500/month. At that point, it costs $39/month.
Does Subkit take a percentage of earnings?
No. We believe you should keep 100% of the money you make.
How long does it take to set up?
As little as 10 minutes — but in case you get stuck, we’re always happy to help.
When will Subkit be available to the public?
We’re working hard to make the best product possible and won’t make Subkit public until we’re confident it's easy to use for all entrepreneurs.
Growing your business has never been easier with Subkit.
Free until you’re making $500/month. $39/month after that.
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