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Pauls PujatsPublished on July 26, 2022

We love doing different rituals in our house!And we are doing them for a reason - they work!

This New Year's eve ritual is our family's tradition and especially important for us because it ALWAYS makes our wishes come true. So be careful what you wish for!

Most likely, you're celebrating with your family and/or friends, so make sure to share all this information with them too so that they too can be ready.

On the New Year's eve, whether you're having a family dinner, or simply hanging out, gather everyone in one place and ask them to name at least three things/events they are grateful for in the ending year. This will set the mood and vibration in the room, and everyone will feel empowered and inspired.

Then, everyone participates in the fortune lottery by drawing one fortune out of a tray that's handed around. You can all decide on how many fortunes you'll draw. We usually draw three each.

Each fortune tells a short forecast for the next year, like "new car", "new job", "success in business", "good health", "new family member", "abundance of wealth", "no changes"... You name it!

After the "lottery" is finished, everyone chooses their favorite fortune (e.g. if you draw "no changes", "new family member" and "success in business", choose the one you want the most). This will be the little peace of paper you will write your New Year's wish/wishes on minutes before the midnight.

When the clock hits 00:00 and the New Year is here, burn the paper in your champagne glass, pour the champagne over the ashes and - BOTTOMS UP!

Without further ado, here are the exact steps you must take for this ritual to really work:

Since this ritual is so powerful, be sure to first sit down and contemplate on the ending year, and think about what you really want in the upcoming year. Write down a list of the things and events you are grateful for - this tunes your vibe to "I'm ready to receive more of all the good", and switched your mindset to see and appreciate the good things in your life.

After you've looked back on the ending year and feel good and grateful about it, you can move to thinking about the things and events you really wish to manifest in your life in the upcoming year. Make sure you're being specific enough because vague wishes can always be interpreted. Not only that, you will also be able to formulate your eventual New Year's wishes shortly and precisely, which will give you the peace of mind and certainty when the moment of writing your wishes down on a paper comes.

Make a table of different fortunes, print it out, and cut it. Fold the fortunes and prepare a tray that's big enough for everyone's hands.

Here is our this year's table of fortunes that you can use or edit.

This created a powerful vibration in the room! When you're focused on the good and see the good in everything, you set your energy's frequency to one that attracts more good and pleasant things in your life (and vice versa). When you do this together with your friends and loved ones, you get to hear how wonderful things have happened in their lives and often you and other will learn that you can be grateful for even the most obvious and simplest things. This is also a great bonding activity!

It's time to draw the fortunes! Bring out the tray/bowl with the folded fortunes, and hand it around to everyone. Decide on how many draws you'll do, but the best number for this in our opinion is 3, although we've done 4 as well. You can choose how you want to read the fortunes - after each round, or after the last one. Everyone reads their fortunes out loud - this is also a great activity that brings out a wide variety of emotions in everyone.

Then, everyone must choose one of the fortunes they will use for the most important part of the ritual - writing down the wishes and burning them. Usually it's the one that everyone likes or prefers the most.

Tip: Take a photo of the fortunes to remember them and have the chance to check if they've come true at the end of the next year.

Shortly before the midnight, write down your wish /wishes on the back of your chosen fortune in tiny letters. The more tiny the letters, the more you can fit on the paper! This is another thing to consider when writing the fortunes in a table - don't make them too small or too big! This is where the first step really helps.

Right when it's 00:00 burn your fortune holding it above the glass so all the ashes fall right into the glass. We find that the most effective way of doing this is to hold the corner of the paper with tweezers. That way can make sure it burns completely and you don't have to worry about burning your fingers! Try your best to burn the fortune completely and not to lose any of the ashes, but don't take too long - it's best to do this all quickly within the first minute of the New Year!

Tip: Put the tweezers, lighter and your finished fortune in your coat pocket (of in a place you won't forget) beforehand so you don't lose them, and make sure to check if your lighter works great so you can do this stress-free!

Healthy blessings,

Pauls & Linda

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