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Healthy Body Plans - Dr. Phil Smeltzer

A Dose of Weight Loss for All! Big News From Phil S!

Philip Smeltzer
Philip SmeltzerPublished on April 22, 2022

Hi! Phil Smeltzer, PhD here.

I am delighted to announce my new subscription plans! I am introducing a new innovative approach to weight loss today. This solution is designed for populations in the workplace, patients at-risk, and individuals who prefer virtual programs. Access tips, hints and insights when you want. Receive a steady flow of podcasts, workbook chapters, video presentations, humor prescriptions and newsletters. All resources delivered to your mailbox to open when you want, when you need or just for fun.

Healthy Body Plans - Dr. Phil Smeltzer Subscription Plans


$99 /month


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$4 /month

The Healthy Body Plans tagline says it all, "for the health of it." When I can make the health journey fun, entertaining and put a smile on the face of participants, it's a great day.

Two levels of access are available, Turtle and Cheetah with Rabbit launching soon. Turtle, rabbit and cheetah programs are designed for your situation. Steady and persistent for the turtle, a fast loaded program of resources for the rabbit and personal 1:1 access to a lifestyle coach with cheetah. You decide and move up or down as your motivation changes.

Try it today. Cancel anytime. If you are in the health promotion savvy circle, pass this on to others in your network who would benefit, "for the health of it."

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